• Making It Clear

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    I want to make this clear. I’m not sure if the letter I read is from you, but if it is, it creates a problem for me. Honestly, I thought the letter was written by someone else, not you. I treat you like a brother, nothing more. There will never be anything more. No matter what. Don’t even bother. I will destroy you & break your heart if you try anything more. To me my sister is one of the most important people in my life. I have given up many guys because my sister liked them. I never regretted it. Not like some of my other sister’s crushes, I’ve never felt anything for you. You are not my type. I treat you the way I do because of my sister. If my sister did not care for you I would not try so hard. If you break my sister’s heart I will try my best to make your life a living hell. Guys will never come between my sister and I. Even if you left her, I would not ever want to be with you. You lost my respect by saying this shit. You better screw your head back on straight or so help me you’ll see a side of me you don’t know. The side that makes many guys hate me.

    T (the nickname I called you starts with this letter),

    If the letter is from you. I love you and just ignore everything I wrote before 🙂


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