• It makes me happy to know…

    by  • November 7, 2011 • Relief • 1 Comment

    -That you will never ever get the privilege of being considered “my guy” again.
    -That you would DIE to see me in my underwear and your old white tshirt.
    -That you look at my pictures and hit yourself in the head.
    -That you will never get to kiss me again in any way shape or form, or anywhere.
    -That you won’t be my first.
    -That you will never get to touch my boobs again, ew.
    -That you’ll never get to run your fingers along my underwear line again, repeatedly asking while I repeatedly have to say no.
    -That you’ll never hold me in your arms again.
    -That I’ll never meet you on the elevator in my bikini again.
    -That my family never even really liked you.
    -That I never sent you a naked picture.
    -That I never opened up enough to let you see the real me, not all the way anyways.
    -That you’ll never get to cuddle with me again.
    -That you’re right back to where you started with me: grossing me out.
    -That you recently lost your virginity via a threesome with your best GUY friend and probably some 15 year old. Oh yeah, and you think you might have an STD. Congrats.
    -That I’ll never have to deal with hearing your complain about EVERYTHING anymore.
    -That I don’t have to fake laugh for you when you’re being obnoxious and everyone else is annoyed by you.
    -That our little “married” phase was just a glitch in the matrix.
    -That I don’t have to stress about you whining about saving money to come and see me and spend time with me anymore.
    -That you ended things before I had a chance to seriously consider loving you.
    -That I got over you rather quickly.
    -That I don’t miss you.
    -That you’re going to regret giving me up so quickly without even trying to make anything work, if you already don’t.

    Yup, pretty much. Fuck you have a nice life grow up I don’t care if I ever see you again bye.

    The best thing you never had 😉
    PS: I bet it sucks to be you right now…..

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    1. Megan
      November 8, 2011 at 6:35 am

      Good for you for posting this! I did something similar when I broke up with my guy, and it feels so cleansing, doesn’t it? Congratulations for breaking free! Time to find someone who deserves you.

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