• I miss you more than chipotle

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    So I was laying here depressed and thinking about all the people I’ve met who totally suck, and I wish that I could call you because you’d probably make me feel better, or at least listen to me vent and agree with me that most of humanity is a bunch of a-holes… but alas it’s like 5 in the morning, and also I forgot to pay my phone bill again, so calling you is kinda out of the question. At first I was gonna come on here and bitch about how much the human race is pissing me off once again… but I started thinking about how you’ve always told me not to waste my energy thinking about people like that, and I realized that none of those dumbasses deserve a letter from me, even an anonymous one. You, however, do. Because you’re just an awesome person//mother, so here goes.

    Basically, all the things I love about you//sometimes annoyed me about you (but in a good way), that I took for granted and that I miss now that I’m away from home.

    -I miss going running with you even if it’s mostly walking
    -I miss your stir-frys and your brownies. Especially your brownies. Gah, if I had to choose between a weed brownie and one of your brownies right now, I’d pick one of yours. And that, madre, is saying something.
    -I miss how you took me to the mall on black friday even though you hate shopping.
    -I miss going to baseball games together and then trying to find food at 2AM on the way home afterward.
    -I miss all your multiple failed attempts to teach me how to cook stuff.
    -I miss all the funny stories you’d tell me about the idiots you’d meet at work, lmao, and I can’t wait to tell you a few of my own when I see you.
    -I miss how you can be the most mature and collected person in the world and then you’ll go and quote South Park out of nowhere. I especially miss your Cartman voice.
    -I miss how you legitimately made me care about politics.
    -I miss you singing Aretha in the car, and I can’t wait to listen to R-E-S-P-E-C-T with YOU, instead of with the obnoxious drunk fuckheads at the bar I work in. Seriously, they play it like 5 times a night and I always think of you.
    -I miss Yo Momma jokes
    -I miss how we would always stop at Starbucks every time we saw one, how you ALWAYS got the same thing, and how excited we both were when their cake pops came out.
    -I miss how you made me feel like eating half a bag of chocolate chips was a perfectly respectable thing to do (:
    -I miss how you followed me around with your stupid iphone and tried to surreptitiously take pictures of me every five seconds and then you’d always get me from the WORST angles, and then get mad when I tried to delete them.
    -I miss that time we did each others makeup, sorry I kinda made you look like a prostitute. And orange.
    -I miss your dorky running clothes and your hippie shoes
    -I miss your impulsiveness, you are seriously like 10 times more adventurous than most of my college friends.
    -I miss how it never bothered you when we got lost or when the GPS led us to like the middle of the ghetto. Whenever the two of us tried to get from point A to point B we would usually end up at like, Point K, and find a new Ethiopian restaurant or something, and end up having an even better time than we would have if we hadn’t gotten lost.
    -I miss your constant lateness for everything
    -I miss the way you humored me, nobody else does that.
    -I miss how you view $50 shoes as “too expensive” but you’ll spent $100 at PF Changs without thinking twice
    -I miss your obama and jesus-fish bumper stickers
    -I think I’m gonna send you an actual letter tomorrow (:

    I take after Dad, aka I totally suck at expressing my emotions unless said emotion is anger… so sorry for not saying this to your face often enough but i love youu! (:

    I’ll see you in like 6 weeks and I can’t wait… I miss you dude!

    your favorite daughter

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    1. Bryan
      November 7, 2011 at 3:32 pm

      Send this to your mom, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. I wish I talked to my mom more, I don’t so much now that I’m away at university, but I really miss my family.



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