• Growing up, life and all that jazz

    by  • November 7, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    This is all about growing up and you know life and all that jazz. I’m in love. I’ve found my one and only and it’s working wonderfully and I know he’ll do anything for me for a long time. Love is hard to find and i know many people don’t have what I do. But the funny thing is this summer and maybe I never had these people and I just thought I did but I lost a good amount of my friends. First of all, you were my brother. You were my bestfriend someone I looked up to every single day and we could talk about practically anything. Who are you to me anymore? You grew up.. but not really cuz you’re always gunna be that big cuddly teddy bear with the maturity of a 5 year old on the outside. I know alot of that is a cover up because I know you, but actually I’m not so sure anymore. I haven’t talked to you in God knows how long. Next, YOU. I’ve known YOU since the 5th grade my dear. You were my best girl friend ever. But now it’s all a mess. The song “Story of Us” (although about love) reminds me of you and me and it’s by Taylor Swift and you hate her. It’s funny cuz she knows us perfectly. You have the best heart… 50% of the time. I don’t know if you’re bipolar or what but you drive me absolutely bonkers. I can’t choose if I want to frickin give you a hug or smack you in the face half the time. Is that healthy seriously? I don’t think so. And If i told you it’d be “immature or, starting drama” because you jsut have this picture in your head that if anyone disagrees or has an argument or something is not your way, its wrong. That everyone is bad and everyone does something wrong and you only notice the negatives about people and you wonder why you find yourself depressed half the time. I want to help you realize that your life is perfect, that people spend so much times trying to make you happy and realize that YOU’RE right when half the damn time you’re wrong. I could go on and on but we’re going to the next one. God you, my friend, my mom used to say “I love that girl shes like family” and who haveyou become? Honesty is a good thing but being outright rude? No. Look, i get you love your boyfriend and I know you think he likes me but he doesnt and because of you we’re barely friends anymore so you can be happy. It’s nto cute when you throw yourself at him its not cute when anyone does it. I don’t know what it is about me that gives you that attitude but i’m not taking that shit anymore, you want your bf have him I NEVER wanted him and I just wanted him to be my bestfriend which i’m also not so sure about. All of you, int eh same group have been giving me hell and making me unhappy all of a sudden starting from the summer, no matter what I do it’s wrong and I don’t need friends like that. So honestly, you have some growing up to do and when you make that step in your life let me know, because although I don’t have a million friends. I’d rather have none then feel the way you guys make me feel now and honestly. I have my family, a few good friends and my boyfriend, whos not even my boyfriend he’s my bestfriend and the only boy i’ll ever love. Lifes got obstacles but honestly even if you don’t realize what your missing I don’t give a flying FUCK. You, Tom keep me in balance, thank you.

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