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    In 500 words or less describe an obstacle you’ve overcome & what unique characteristics you will bring to the UCF community

    With UCF being the Nation’s 2nd largest public university. There are Thousands of unique individuals with divergent personalities and ideas. What makes us different is the fact that we all have our own story; unique events that have taught us important lessons which molded us into the individuals we are today.

    My story: Living in my city has taught me the importance of building connections and relationships. Even with an unemployment rate of 16.08 I have managed to keep three jobs. I’ve been able to do this through meeting the right people and building connections. I work well with others and catch on quickly. Just the other day one of the waitresses I work with told me she “envied my level head.”

    Being Voted class president both Sophomore and Senior year and Student Government president Junior and Senior year I’ve learned to be a leader. I understand how people think. I strive towards making a difference and being a role model. I work everyday to shine the light on others and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

    When I was captain of our softball team I was taught dedication and how to set and achieve a goal. If I made a bad play or struck out I learned how to pick myself back up and keep going. We supported each other on and off the field. We showed each other what it really meant to be part of a team.

    The drawing class I took my freshmen year showed me how to express myself and taught me patience. Having one of my drawings displayed as the main piece in the art show let me present my creative side to my family and friends. I have taken one art class every year in high-school. I have innovative and original ideas and I would love to share them with UCF.

    While interning at the chamber of commerce I learned that public relations is what I truly wanted to do. The office setting gave me the opportunity to learn strategies to finish projects faster and more efficiently. I learned to take opportunities if they are presented, that nothing is beneath you, and everyone has to start somewhere.

    My Sophomore year of high school my best friend passed away of cancer. I overcame the situation by sharing her story in hopes to inspire others like she inspired me. I started a fundraiser in here name raising enough for five $900.00 scholarships for graduating seniors. This experience truly forced me to grow up. I learned the value of love, friendship, and to appreciate every moment of this life I’ve been given.

    I hope to begin a new chapter to my life story at UCF I’m ready to share my leadership, work ethic, and ideas with UCF community and learn from their experiences too. Please consider me to start the summer term at your campus I know that I will take full advantage of all the opportunities UCF has to offer.

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