• what?

    by  • November 6, 2011 • Anger • 0 Comments

    What the fuck happened? I don’t understand. You don’t make any sense anymore. You ignore me. You make me feel like shit. You make me feel guilty. Do you even intend to do these things? You invite me to hang out, then ignore me when I’m standing right next to you. You walk away, you don’t even make eye contact with me. I’ll ask you something or say something, and you look at me like I shouldn’t even fucking exist.

    “I miss you too:(”
    “What am I supposed to say?”

    REALLY? Really now? What the hell?! The first one is just a lie, and the second one holy crap do I even NEED to fucking explain that?! ANYTHING you could say ANYTHING, SOMETHING to not make me feel like I need to go jump off a cliff. The silence kills me, eats away at my soul.

    We used to be so close

    What happened?

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