• The Worst

    by  • November 6, 2011 • Hatred • 0 Comments

    Wren T.,

    You should be proud. No one has ever made me feel so horrible before. No one has ever made me hate myself as much as i do now. You broke my heart, i should have known better you broke it once before many years ago. its my own fault for giving you a second chance, for letting my self get close to you. I hate you so much wren. You are the worst kind of person. Im sick of crying and im sick of being angry. and its your fault! you did this. was that your goal the whole time? Was it your plan all along to make me your side line girl? I heard about how you’ve become a little man whore just like your brother. not long after we were completely done you’d already gotten with at least two other girls. God knows if you were with anyone else when you were with me. i hope you get some fucked up std and some whore pregnant, i feel bad for her though to have to bare your ginger child. your the worst kind of person Wren Tracy. I dislike many people in this world but I only hate two and one of them is you. Congratulations I will forever see you as the worst kind of person. you were supposed to be my best friend. Now i wouldn’t want you as the shit on my shoes.

    Hating you always,

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