• The Process of Getting Over You is a Hard One

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    It’s one of those nights where I miss you terribly, and I wish I could text you. You said you didn’t want to be friends, that we couldn’t. I deleted you from my Facebook, my phone. I was hoping it would delete you from my mind.

    No such luck.

    You have a psycho girlfriend, just saying. She won’t let you run around and pull your shirt up. Hello? You’re a boy. It’s fine. Especially since, oh my god, you have an amazing body. (Confession: I kind’ve really wanted you right then.)

    And she’s insanely secure and controlling.

    It’s no wonder you aren’t happy. She’s just manipulating you.

    I think that’s why we aren’t friends anymore. She probably made you, or has you so whipped. Maybe you realized how much she sucked and it scared you.

    My youtube playlist is reminding me of you… Scars by Papa Roach.. He wants to help, but sometimes, you just can’t. Sometimes, you have to walk away.

    I hope one day, you’re happy. I wish we still talked. I wish I didn’t care this much. I wish I could just shut it off. I don’t even know why it matters so much to me.

    It’s sending me into my dark place again.. Suicide, cutting, self worthlessness.

    You were never a boyfriend. Just a boy. Just a boy I was friends with. That I wanted to help.

    But I’m going to get over this.

    “I can’t help you fix yourself
    But at least I can say I tried
    I’m sorry but I gotta move on with my own life”

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