• Serendipity

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    The title of this post comes from the movie that happens to be on while I write it. My ears are ringing and I’m exhausted and I’m surrounded with my thoughts. Thoughts about you, thoughts about me. And despite my best efforts, you’re still on my mind. Excuse my babbling and rambling but I’m not going to say these things to you so I might as well write them somewhere. I still look for you in a crowded room and am never disappointed. Your eyes are easy to find and difficult to let go. Want to know what I really thought of your haircut? Stunning. It makes me want to brush your hair behind your ear even more when you’re smiling. I’ve had all this time to think about it and I can’t decide if these are real feelings or if they’re just feelings of “what if” and wondering. Here’s what I do know:

    I love your ambition and your hard work.

    I love that you think you’re mean and cold-hearted and tough but really I don’t think it’s in you to be mean.

    I love that you can handle the sarcasm and dish it right back.

    I love that you are brutally honest and you tell it like it is.

    I love that you cherish your independence and your confidence in being by yourself.

    I love that you like reading love novels yet show no faith or optimism in what love is.

    I love that I can talk to you about the tough and controversial things because I love knowing your well-founded opinion.

    I love the way you laugh and the way you talk, especially when you feel strongly about it.

    I love how your face can say so many things without words.

    I have no idea if we’ll ever have another chance or if I’m now in the friend zone forever. And if that’s the case, it’s enough to be there and be as close as I am with you. And I’ll never bring it up unless the timing presents itself because I still don’t think you could feel the same about me. Whether this is a case of serendipity, I do not know but I’m willing to be patient if it is because I’m still under the impression that things happen for a reason.


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