• Selfish and Blaming the Hormones

    by  • November 6, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Goodbye • 0 Comments

    For months on end, you have belittled me and made me out to be the enemy, when all I did was try to be your friend and be there for you. Every time you asked for my advice, you spat on it. Every time you asked to go out, wherever we went, despite your choosing, was just not good enough for you. You snapped at me for telling to hang in there, you yelled at me for “defending” your husband and you even got pissed at me because I was too busy at times to hang out. All of my efforts were for nothing.

    Then, you came to me, upset that your friend backed out of throwing you a baby shower. You complained so much that I only said yes to shut you up. You even said, “you know me, I just want something plain and simple,” but you kept wanting more and bigger. I am not made of money, and I could barely afford what I was doing in the first place. A baby shower is a gift, not a necessity.

    It is not my place to be at your beck and call and bend to your every whim and desire, nor is it my place to placate your demands. You don’t have to call the doctor every damn time you eat, and you don’t need to freak out over every single ache and pain. The doctor gave you a list of ok and not ok, and that listed covered just about everything. I’ve been in your shoes too, and it’s not the hormones, you’re just a controlling heifer.

    The damage is done, and most definitely cannot be undone. What’s worse is your excuse to justify your actions. Women get pregnant and give birth every day, and have for thousands of years- you are not the first and you won’t be the last. This is not hormones, and this is behavior that I have seen occasionally in the past. You have used hormones as your excuse simply because you are pregnant right now. Hormones don’t make people bad or mean, you did it to yourself!
    You burned through one of your best friends, and all for nothing. You cast me aside because I wasn’t willing to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a baby shower that you claimed you didn’t even want at first. You yelled at me because I gave you advice when you needed it. You snapped at me for getting you out of the house and moving.
    I will not be your punching bag anymore. I will not let you take advantage of me anymore.

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