• It’s a like/dislike kind of thing.

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    I remember when we first ran into each other on the first day of senior year. You were surrounded by giggly girls and I was with my friends and were were studying our constitutional powers and you told someone how much you disliked the class and our major.

    And from there I disliked you. And it built up with every little thing you did – from countering my points to tapping your hand loudly while giving me a pointed “UMAD” look, tripping me, getting higher grades than me, all of that annoyed me to no end.

    Besides that, you’re pretty much perfect and all my friends love you too.

    And then people started saying that you complimented me? And then you began smiling at me? I was confused; I thought I made my dislike clear. But then, like everyone else, I start falling a little bit because you’re an ideal. The type of person someone would want to emulate in a way.

    Despite my new found, sort-of attraction to you, I still feel quite negatively about you.

    Let’s see where this goes from here. Maybe we’ll be friends. Maybe lovers. Maybe, maybe….

    Despite the “maybes” once we leave for college, all of these maybes will turn to dust and you’ll just be another in a blank sea of faces. I don;t know why I spend my time thinking about you.

    I hope you have a good life.

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