• If love was like a gun

    by  • November 6, 2011 • Abuse • 0 Comments

    A part of me wanted to be with you but you had done everything to hurt/anger/destroy everything about me. and i will never be the same after you put your hands on me and called me a whore. but you were the whore. you were the so called man who believed in love with 2 people and you never shielded my eyes from the things i shouldn’t have seen or heard and i just went along with it, painfully, but went along with it and i did so many things for you and you never did things in return for me. you are selfish, unkind and a demon you have no shame in anything that you do. i feel sorry for still loving you, you don’t deserve the love that i give you still to this day, if i disapear you don’t deserve a goodbye or a reason why, your made a fool of me thinking things were going to be different but all you were thinking of was yourself. and you nevered listened to me. i feel like everytime you got so mad you put me down called me a coward or a peice of shit. and you said sorry afterwards but you don’t know how much damage that did to me. i never want to see you again. you are a lowlife for still being friends with tyler hes a psycho bitch who manipulates people and enjoys the pain of others, he tried to choke me and you’re okay with being his friend? you gave me bruises and pressured me into sex, and i should have called the cops on you to put you in jail for hurting me and giving me those marks. thats where you belong. in jail. for being a abusive, manipulating, bad tempered, shameless, freak. you kicked me when i was down and made fun of my pain. you’re a sick freak. i already know you don’t give a shit about me, it’s about time i ran away from you.

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