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    I want to look at the stars until they turn into big, fuzzy balls of light.

    I want to tell all my secrets to the stars.

    I want to lie on the beach at sunset and just feel the pulse of the waves, and the feel of the warm sand.

    I want to just sit in a tree in a meadow in the middle of nowhere.

    I want to lie under a willow tree during gentle, warm summer rain.

    I want to float on the ocean, belly up, sun beaming at my closed eyelids.

    I want to sit still during torrential rain, and hear the beating of the rain against the ground.

    I want to lie down during a hot day and feel the hot, dry soil and soft grass.

    I want to go into a waterfall and listen.

    I want to get lost in a beautiful place.

    I want to get lost for a bit in the forest, the sounds of life pulsing around me, bright sunlight lighting my world through the cracks in the trees.

    I want to pick wild berries and feel the juicy sweetness burst against my tongue.

    I want to climb a tree and sit at the very top, only able to see more trees and mountains and feel the fresh, clean air around me.

    I want to forget the world and that anything exists and I just want to lie down, stare at the sky and feel very…




    It’s important sometimes
    to sit and realize
    that your problems are so small,
    and there’s so much beauty in the world.

    – T

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      November 6, 2011 at 6:37 pm

      i love this. we need more people like you



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