• distance between us

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    the distance between us leaves me breathless. hurt. anxious. ignored.

    i try to talk about where we’re headed and all you can say is, “i’m not trying to think that far or it’s too soon to say or nothing at all”

    most of the times i try to ask questions that i need answered are often brushed aside. in doing so, you make me feel like my feelings are invalid.

    i change my schedule for you. i wait for you and on you. and when you change your mind at the last minute i get flustered and on the verge of tears. it may not seem like such a big deal for you but it is to me. i spend my days thinking of you… no matter what i’m doing. sometimes it feels like you miss me for “other reasons”.

    i try to tell you how i feel so that you could at least try and see where i’m coming from but i’m told that making such a big deal out of nothing or that i’m being way to sensitive. that right there… does not help.

    you’re not the compassionate type, i understand. but at least try. i try all the time to understand where you’re coming from. and when i say that time and space is what i’ll give you, again, you think and give off the vibe that i’m being too sensitive.

    you used to tell me everything. from what you ate today, to what you did and what happened at work. now you only call me or message me when you’re bored. how do you think that makes me feel.

    you live so far from me and i love the fact that you make time to come see me.

    when we’re together, we’re so in love and there’s that feeling of not wanting to see you go… but in front of your friends… it’s a different story. you chose them over me… even when you see them everyday.

    i will admit that i don’t like feeling like i was your everything to now you’re number 3, 4, 5, or 10.

    when it’s just me and you, you’re sweet, caring and gentle to me. checking if i’m okay or if i need anything… i wish you were like that all the time. because that’s the person i’m in love with…

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