• A Letter To A Lost Best Friend

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    Danielle J. of Arkansas this letter is to you,

    I think it’s really shitty what you did to me and Christina. She’s been your friend for a long time and I’ve been since I moved here. You can’t just stop being friends with someone! We would accept anything about you so don’t try that as an excuse. You really were my best friend and it still hurts that you just stopped talking and hanging out with me for no reason that is apparent to me. We shared a lot with each other and I never thought that I would not have you as a friend. I cried for a few days when I figured out that you no longer wanted to have anything to do with me. Even though I have tried numerous times to hang out with you. Each time I was met with a no or too busy. Well friends are supposed to make time for each other. I mean how could you. How could you ever do this to me, and Christina? If it had just been me I would have still been hurt but figured it was something I did. But now I know that you did this. You chose to isolate yourself and give up two people who cared about you, maybe you gave up everyone who cared about you, I don’t know and I suspect I’ll never know.

    I wrote this letter to you 3 months ago but never sent it. I debated about sending it or not and never did then I found this site. I want you to read this and not question if it is about you or not because it is so instead of being coying I’m going to put it all out there. Since then I have learned so much. I met Chris, yes THE Chris you told me about countless times. The one who hurt you emotionally and left after years of friendship because he was scared you wouldn’t accept him for being gay. Haha how history repeats itself. Well we are going to the same university and I figured it was him after a few talks with him. I ended up talking about you and what you did but after so many months of anger I was over it. He told me his side of the relationship. One that was exactly like mine. I am angry again at you. Will you tell your next friend of me? And make me out to be the bad person as you did with him? I hope not. But I believe it to be true. I learned last month that I am over most of my anger towards you and now just feel sad towards you. Sad that you left me as a friend. Sad that I never got to understand why. But mostly I feel sad for myself, because I know I would drop everything if you called me right now and wanted to talk, or needed me. I would go back to you even if you never apologized because I know the girl I had as a best friend wasn’t all lies and somewhere in you she’s still knocking about tie-dying shirts and making silly faces.

    Danielle. I still wish you the best in life

    Sincerely your long lost best friend, 
    Karlin McK.

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