• Things I’ll Never say

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    Dear Boy,

    I guess I may never tell you how I really feel. At least not anytime soon.

    I wish I could hold your hand and hug you everyday. I wish I could kiss you and have you over for dinner sometime. I wish we could play on the swings at the park in town and I wish we could dance under the stars. I wish we could escape this small town together and go make something of ourselves. I wish we could spend forever together. I wish you could hold me close and tell me you love me. I wish I could be he only girl on your mind and take your last name as mine. I wish so many things that may never come true, but that doesn’t mean I won’t always wish for you.

    You’re my best friend and you’re one of a kind. Maybe someday I’ll be able to tell you what is on my mind. Maybe I could tell you how much I regret not dating you when I had the oppurtunity and how big of a mistake it was. Maybe one day you’ll fall in love with me, just like I’m falling in love with you. But for now, you can stay my best friend and while you are out dating other girls, I’ll be here for you, even if it hurts to see you so happy with someone else.

    Love Always,

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