• “Soulmate”

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    Soulmate is a silly word, isn’t it?

    Am I really supposed to believe there is someone out there I “share a soul” with? There’s someone perfect for me, and me alone?
    I’ve dated, some for a long time and others not, and yet for some reason I feel like I’ll never find my soulmate.
    I’ve found men who are basically perfect, but there’s always something wrong.

    Maybe it’s me? Maybe I’m the problem?
    I’m too picky, the problems I find are too small, they aren’t real reasons not to be with someone.
    If they truly are my soulmate, I shouldn’t feel like I’m settling.

    All I want is someone who makes me laugh, makes me smile, and someone I can wake up beside in the morning, look at him snoring and drooling on his pillow and say,
    “Yep, he’s the one.”

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