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    i will always remember you. i will remember the first day you were in my english class. it was right after lunch and our teacher introduced you to the class. you were from texas and had just transfered here. i will remember that one school night when you called me at 9 pm and we talked until 5 the next morning. you were talking about your family as i was “doing hw” i was actually looking at the picture you gave me of your family and was drawing them to give to you for your birthday. i will remember the 15 minute walk we took on one of your first days of school while i was showing you around. i went back to class to find them all staring at me as i entered. i thought we were only gone for 4 minutes. i will remember how you answered when teachers would call on you with your southern charm. i will remember the day you asked me to stay after class to talk to you. i did and i had to walk home in the rain. the hour long walk was well worth it. i remember the day you starting going out with that girl and how she hated me for no reason since the day you asked her out. i will remember i still owe you 3 dates but i will never bring it up. and i remember how much i cried the day you moved back to texas a year too early.

    yes i remember all this plus much much more. but will you remember? i hope that when you get stationed somewhere with the air force after you graduate, you will find the letter and picture that i tucked in your scrapbook made by your girlfriend at the time. i know you i never told you how much you have affected me, but please, when you grow old and have grandkids, please remember my name when they ask about your time here. please, just remember me.

    i will always love you,

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