• Make up your mind, before you lose me for good

    by  • November 5, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    Dear, T aka stupid dummy

    i don’t even know where to start. for one i know you don’t read this site and will probaly never see this letter or even know how i truly feel about you. but u drive me utterly, completely, insanely CRAZY! i’ve known you for almost 3 years! I was young and u were the cooler older guys who always knew how to have a fun time. we’ve had our ups n downs but honestly i don’t know if i can do it any more i love you so much it hurts is that right? but now i just can’t do it i’m madly in love u and yea i check your fb n get jealous of all the girls that talk to you. i just want the old us back. i’m tired of this you’ve hurt me so much that i forgave you even tho u didn’t deserve it, i don’t know if i can take it any more. you’re way too busy, you call me once a month cuz ur “too busy”, yet you have time to go out with your friends and family. i can see myself spending the rest of my life with you despite the fact some of my family hates you. i’m tired of people not knowing you a have a gf i’m tired of barely seeing you or talking to you n i HATE the name calling. i know u do it on purpose to make me mad cuz u think it’s funny well it’s NOT. you’re supposed to be my best friend and always b there for me. i know i’m pretty, i get hit on by so many guys that will actually make an effort to keep me n their lives but i reject em all why? because YOU’RE the only one i want in my life, the one i wake up to every morning, the one i spend my life with, the one i get old with. i’ve never done anything to hurt you, even tho u’ve hurt me numerous times, you don’t understand how good you have it.

    so please realize what you have before you lose me again….i can’t do it any more we’ve been thru enough show me you want or you’ll lose me for good this time.

    love, P.

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