• Just breathe

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    Memories are the only things that never change, and it’s amazing how a single memory can conjure emotions, making you feel exactly as you felt at that very moment. Your memory despite all this is vivid in its own sense. We have had every odd work against us, yet were still going strong. Note I said we.. I on the other hand struggle through each day. I am unable to deal with certain circumstances and a single wrong word can set me off. I spend a lot of time alone. It’s hard to go from spending every waking second with someone to seeing them once a month. It’s not easy. The hall of my school reeked of your scent today, your exact scent…could have brought me to my knees. I look forward to that time frame in which I know any second I could receive a text or call from you. The times we talk, the very sound of your voice makes me feel just close enough to you to be okay. Oh how I miss you. My heart feels empty at the moment, sure I enjoy things and have times where you briefly slip my mind. I am then jerked back to reality when the ever recurring thought of how much better it would be if you were here with me. I hold on to memories and a distant scent, the sound of your voice through a device which is the only prevention from insanity, clothing articles that haunt my room but provide the slightest bit of comfort when needed most. How pathetic and hopeless can a person be? If this is love, it’s everything I hoped it was and everything I hoped it wasnt. Bittersweet.

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