• I need advice.

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    I’ve found true love. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever experienced and I’m positive it’s the real deal.

    The problem is, and this is where the advice comes in, I’ve lost it.
    The one guy I’ve ever truly cared about, the one guy I took all my walls down for, is gone.

    He’s going through a rough time in his life, and I have added to his stress and frustration.

    He left me and told me he never wants to talk to me again or have me in his life at all. I’m completely broken.
    All I have done since the day he’s left me is cry and sappy love movies.

    I miss him so much and knowing I’ll never get to feel his skin, or kiss his lips, or hear his voice makes me nauseous. I want to give up on everything.
    Now that he’s gone, I have no energy for any of my responsibilities, and I just wait for every day to end just so I can see him at night in my dreams.

    I want him back and I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to make that happen. The ball is in his court, and he’s left the playing field.
    I’m not ready to move on yet and a big part of me still hopes he’ll call me.

    Waiting for something that might never happen is killing me.
    Where do I go from here?

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