• A final letter

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    This letter is one I would never send, because I’m afraid of what might come next.

    Tell my mother I love her more than anything. She needs to go out in the world, love and stop worrying, be mad for just a day Mama, forgive, see the world, be happy.

    Tell my father that him listening to me saved me so many times. I often felt I couldn’t tell anyone anything but he always listened to me and believed in me.

    Tell my brother he means the world to me. He is smart and wonderful. He always had my back… I’m not as strong as you and I never will be. You are my rock, the one constant in my life that I know will always be there.

    Tell my friends, when I felt like I was dying no one noticed. I want you all to know on the outside I made you smile, make you laugh, made you feel important, you didn’t notice me dying on the inside.

    This is a letter I will never send because I am too afraid to tell people these feelings, I love my life some days and hate it the next. I live through the thought of finding someone to love me and take away all the pain. This letter is for everyone feeling the same way and know, you are not alone. This letter makes me realize I am loved by so many and If I sent it, it would mean I am no longer here. I need to be here, I need to live, I need to breathe. This letter is to let you know, I am alive and I am still breathing. And I’m not going anywhere.

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