• Jeremy. <3

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    I don’t know if you come on here, or have even heard about this website, but I can’t contact you any other way. This is my last resort.

    I know I told you I wasn’t going to wait for you to hit me up, but I am.
    My phone never leaves my side because of the very small, very slight chance you MIGHT text me.

    Let’s not even talk about what happened. I don’t expect an apology.
    Let’s just move on. Let’s just be together. I know we have gone through some shit, and I know most of it was my bad. Unfortunately, I can’t undo the things I fucked up or the promises I’ve broken, all I can do is try to improve myself for later. Not for you, but because of you. I want to be a better person because you cared enough about me to show me I’m not as great as I think I am.

    Please talk to me Jeremy. I won’t anger you. I just want to talk.
    I know you still love me, and I still love you.
    We can fix this baby.

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