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    The thing is i’m not sad, i’m not in denial, it’s just i never ever thought that everything our young love has been through that we could ever EVER become what we are now to each other. And I can honestly say that I don’t think we are meant for each other anymore and that yes we are completely two different people now. but I don’t understand where our love has went. And i Know for damn sure that we did not fall out of love, we just grew to the point where we physically and mentally can’t be together anymore. And i never EVER EVER EVER thought that me and you, the two people who I’m pretty sure everyone said was invincible has become what we have become. And it’s definitely a good thing to say that I can hand you over to someone and just wish the best for you but I don’t know if you can do that in exchange. I know that these past months we have both went to the lowest of points to hurt each other with words I can’t believe came out of either of our mouths but I know you love me. And I know I will always love you…and I am thankful for every bit that you have shown me and done for me and Without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It’s been three and half years of greatest, I met you and age 13 and now i’m going on 19.. which is insane to me but I wouldn’t take back any memory that I had with you. Because I really don’t think that I’ll ever love someone as much as you. And maybe I sound pathetic but I shouldn’t because I am completely letting you go and this isn’t a guilt trip, i’m just tired of fighting and us figuring out what has happened, and I know when we lay next to each other we fall back in love but when it comes to the real world we are not that perfect match for each other anymore. I hope you can read this and know I’m not going to enter this world negative because I lost something i never thought i would ever lose, but i’m going to enter it positively. And I still do really resent you alot and hope you don’t just jump into something stupid to hurt me but take your time and learn what you have learned from me and just live for you. Even writing this is confusing because i didn’t want to have to ever say any of this to you. Just please take all this and realize i love you with all my heart and you’re always going to be my number one honey. and be good and be safe, but on this note we are just not us anymore and since you’re not willing to be with the one you love anymore, this is my goodbye, and we have had many other good byes before but I’m foreal just letting this be and doing me because all you want to do is hurt me and i’m not trying to do this anymore because i know beneath that heart you loved me, although it doesn’t feel like it. I’m going to see you around and your family is a part of me and logan is my godbaby so I hope you can be mature and respect that you were everything to me and you won’t be a stranger. i love you kiddo, but we clearly are nothing to you anymore. I’ve grown to accept it and i’m sure you’re going to wild out up the mountains or whatever you want cause that’s how you’ve become and it is what it but I hope you remember me and choose not to be stupid, but whatever, i think i have said enough, idk love you jas bye

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