• “Best Friends Til The End.” This is the end.

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    Dear “best friend,”

    I’m tired of the way you hurt me, and the people around you. I’m tired of the way you think it’s okay to emotionally leech on to people, suck them dry, and leave them for dead. I’m tired of your constant infinite jealousy that causes you to harbor anger towards the people who care about you the most. I’m tired of your texts that I only receive when you want sympathy or praise. I’m tired of your “new life,” because your “new life” has turned you into one of the most cold hearted conceited people that I know.

    How dare you treat me like this. How can you? For a decade I’ve babysat you, tried to keep you out of trouble. Who begged you to not sleep with your first serious boyfriend? But you didn’t listen. And now you regret it. Who begged you not to go out and drink because I knew how much you had at stake if you got caught? But you didn’t listen. And now you regret that, too. Who has been there for you when your mom cheated on your dad? Whose house did you sleep at consistently for months when things got too bad at home? Whose been there for you with open arms, every time you trip and fall and have no one else to turn to? Me. And I’m so tired of it I am sick to my stomach.

    So why is it at 3 a.m. I get a text from you not even saying hi, just saying something about how someone wanted you to model? I don’t give a fuck. You want to know why I was up? I was waiting for my boyfriend to get home since he lives out of town. Because I love him, which is a concept you barely even can comprehend. You, wanting your “love” to buy you a $3,000 engagement ring on Walmart salary when you can barely afford food. What are you trying to prove? You’re not proving anything to anybody.

    Leave me alone. You have a sickness. All you do is fucksuckleavefucksuckleave. You do it to me, you do it to every boy who has ever loved you, you do it to your adoptive dad (you crave a relationship with him but the only time you contact him is to borrow money.) You are an awful person. You are in yourself just one big bad habit. And I’m tired. So tired, I’m sick. And I can’t deal with you anymore.

    I need to rid myself of you. I won’t be happy or sad. Just okay with it, cause that’s life. You have good times, and people change. Sometimes for the worse. And you have changed for the worse. I’ll take my decade of pictures and memories and look at them fondly, knowing I had a friend at one time, but something so terrible grew in her heart and changed her. I’m done trying to cure you.

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