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    Dear God,
    I know we haven’t talked much lately, and I’m really sorry. The life you gave me has just been so exciting lately, and I’ve had so much fun. But with the fun comes the trouble.. I have not been faithful to you, just to fit in. I find it so wrong that I can discard you from my mind on a daily basis when things are going right, but whenever I need a shoulder to lay on I cry out to you. You seem to be the last person I search for, and you should be first. I’m still a kid, finding my way in this crazy world you’ve created for us. Please love me no less because I falter, and remind me through the small things that YOU are truly my best friend. I’m working through this maze to you, and I know you’ll be there and snatch me up into your arms at the end. But for now, I’ll grovel through these muddy patches and sawdust paths in hope for your light. Carry me on my journey towards You because it’s when I stumble into the puddles that I forget you, when in reality you’re the one that’s lifting me up out of the water I am drowning in and carrying me back to the path. I need to put my faith in you once again, so help me. I entitled this awkward because I expected this to be a awkward apology in which I beg for your forgiveness. But I realized ,you have already forgiven me, welcomed me back to your hands. And as I grow old continue to forgive me, because though you may be perfect, I am only human, and I need many second chances. Each path I take that leads me to a dead end is not a failure though, it’s only a way to you that didn’t work. I will not cut through the maze and take the easy way to the center, You, either. I will work for my kingdom because that’s what You deserve.
    Until I need your hands again father,

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