• Without You

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    2 years, 2 years and a text. A one page text that will never be forgotten. A text that changed everything. You told me never to respond; I told myself i wouldn’t. I wish i never did you cheated on me and after all these years I get a text. Was i good enough was she better than me? did she say things to you i couldn’t?

    Was it worth it? Well was it? you keep saying sorry to me but at times i really can’t tell what it really is you’re apologizing for? Is it for cheating? Is it for breaking my heart? Is it for taking yet another one of my many chances that i gave to you.

    Sometimes i ask myself the same question was it worth it? Is this what i really wanted? You are the only one I’ve ever been with..how am i supposed to know what to do now? How can i give myself to someone else when you ruined it for me? I cant trust anyone..i cant and now I’m terrified, I’m terrified of two reasons, one being how am i going to move on without you? My whole life was planned around you. I was going to go to your college I was gonna plan my life around you and now you just expect me to find another guy?? How in the world. The second thing I’m afraid of is starting over again.

    The guy i like now is sweet and cute and doesn’t drink or do drugs like you. Maybe that’s what i need is a change but how am i supposed to know its not going to end like you and I ended. I was/still am crushed from your decision and now its effecting my whole life. I do love you. I always will love you. I don’t want it to end but somehow, somehow I want to see if you’re the one and the only way I’m going to do this is by finding someone else. To test this theory of mine.

    I won’t give up on you if you don’t give up on me.

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