• What a waste

    by  • November 3, 2011 • Abuse • 0 Comments

    TO my ex for the last COUPLE YEARS OF WASTED LIFE! You fucking suck my fucking asshole you stupid fucking cunt. Everyday since we had our stupid fucking using bullshit fucked up disaster of a fucking friendship; relationship; engagement; you have pissed me off and push me to my fucking limits repeatedly! you stupid whore using piece of shit. Here’s my cock you can’t suck it but you can see me slide it into another pussy that deserves it and it’s not lucy lou like yours is! I’m sick of the way you always wanted me to do stuff all the fucking time over and over and over and over again! “you worked all week…can you take me here to do this and this and this…uh…can you pay for it…sorry I dont have gas money either” WELL NO FUCKING SHIT YOU DON’T HAVE SHIT!! BUT what you DO HAVE IS A WILL TO USE ME FOR EVERYTHING I GOT AND I PUT UP WITH IT! I don’t even wanna do all this guy fucking bullshit errands YOU and your fucking lazy ass MOTHERFUCKING FAMILY JUST CONJURE UP LITTLE fucking TASKS to send me on. When!?!?! Did I become you or your family’s little nigger bitch? Oh cause your such a nice guy and you all just must have figured HEY LETS MILK THIS MOTHERFUCKER DRY!! FUCK YOU…If I wasn’t blindly in love like some fucking retard with down symdrom! Ingorant to the world a fucking round me. I’d kick you out the fucking moving car and pop it in reverse and back in drive you useless cunt! Thanks for wasting my fucking time my fucking money my fucking heart my fucking devotion thanks for being a useless BITCH!

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