• The Wrong Thing

    by  • November 3, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    Your best friend told me that everyone has to seriously muck up a relationship before they have a good one. And you were my muck-up. I explained this to you. Except there’s this one thing….I still really care for you. It’s not a huge infatuated thing anymore, but you can nearly always make me feel better and you’ll cuddle me when I’m upset, which is generally what I need.

    We never dated, but part of me wishes we could have. Just once or twice, so I don’t have this feeling of “what-if” anymore. Only we can’t. Partially because you don’t care for me that way. Partially because if it didn’t work then it’s mess with our whole group of friends, and partially because I know you’re too pragmatic to do so. Even if you did like me (which you don’t) I don’t think you would, because you wouldn’t want to screw things up. Plus we all know what happened the last time I thought you liked me.

    So silly boy, it seems that I will have to wait either for you to realize what you’ve got or for my feelings to disappear. I’m hoping for the first, expecting the second.

    The Klutz

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