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    You have been my main source of frustration for the 2 years of college.

    We began as friends, and it was okay. It was fine & I didn’t even think of you as someone that I’d like.

    But we messed up our friendship, we hooked up a few times. You hooked up with the other girls we go to school with too.

    But our friendship has been the one that suffers. If we hook up, you act like a jerk until you’re ready to get into my pants again, if we don’t hook up, you just become nicer & nicer, until you get the chance again.

    I do appreciate you as a friend, but .. you need to fucking choose where you want me to sit in on your life!.

    You act like this jerk, who pretends I don’t exist half the time or just being plain mean, then you act nice, and seem to actually want to be friends.

    About a month back, we went to our favorite bar, you were so drunk. I didn’t mind taking care of you, you’re really easy to handle when you’re drunk.

    But this night, 4 guys came next to us, while you were eating your hotdog, & talking about going to Denny’s. One guy spoke up & some smart ass thing to you. Which I must not have liked because I told him to shut the fuck up & mind his own business.

    Then somehow it became you protecting me, & trying to fight him. You seriously turned into the hulk then & there.. We tried so many times to hold you back, the shirt you had on was stretched out so much. I tried sitting on you, you threw me off.

    You protected me like .. like.. well i don’t know what it was like. But you protected me so much, the guy kept saying he’d punch me if I wanted to stop him from fighting you. And you stepped in and tried to pick up for me.

    I thought they started the fight but according to our friend, i did.
    I thought you were just drunk & didn’t know what you were doing.
    but last week you went to the same bar, I joked & said don’t get into any fights while you’re there.
    You said, don’t worry, you won’t be there to start them..
    i said, you didn’t have to pick up for me.
    you said yeah well.. & trailed off.

    Do you really care enough about me to stand up to 4 guys for me?
    Where is this side when we’re sober & i’m trying my best to get along with you & not seem like a bitch?

    you have me so confused, i lose sleep thinking about you & everything we’ve done.

    i hope you do something that will make you realize where you want me.


    ps. chivalry is soo not dead.

    i love you for picking up for me. 🙂

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