• Listen to your Brain. Not your Heart.

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    Dear Heart,

    I listened to you. And I trusted you. I put my life on the line because you told me to. You told me I loved him. You made me ignore my brain on what was truly right. Brain, you were right all along. This never would have worked. He was a whole different man when I met him. Heart, you told me that this was how it went. I moved in with him. Brain kept thinking; trying to come up with logic and facts to prove to me that this is all wrong. I kept on. And my life was heading towards a drop that won’t let me see the light of day. I am thousands of dollars in debt. I signed a lease for an apartment I hate and want nothing to be a part of. I am alone because of you. You put me in a place that I swore I would never let that happen to me. I swore to myself that I would not let any one control me. This is all you’re fault.

    You misguided me.

    I am alone.


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