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    Dear DF,

    I’m trying for you.
    You know my past and you know exactly why it’s hard for me trust people. It’s not just you, it’s everybody. I’ve been hurt in the past, you know my stories, I know yours. I may get a little jealous when you talk to other girls a lot, but I’m trying. I really am. I don’t believe you’d cheat on me, just I’m on the edge of my feet every time I hear you laugh because of another girl. He was like that, too… with her. Yes, her.

    When I’m silent, it’s not because I’m mad at you. I promise. (I mean, sometimes it might be, but I’ll tell you if I am…). It’s because I’m attempting to hold in any feelings of jealousy or frustration I am in the middle of in order to NOT take it out on you. It’s the last thing I would want to happen.

    Just please realize that you really do mean the world to me. I may tell you how much I love you a lot or comment on how cute you are or something cute you’ve done, but it’s just because I don’t want you to ever forget how amazing you really are.

    Thank you for being here for me and understanding that I’m just another human.

    Love, JB.

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