• I wish I could say this

    by  • November 3, 2011 • Friends • 0 Comments

    I hate you for lying to me. I hate you for hooking up with him. You are an awful friend who clearly only cares about themselves. What you did to other people was awful, and there was no excuse for it. I felt bad that nobody liked you because of it and I am not the kind of person to shun you because of what you did to someone else. I wanted to be a good friend and be as supportive as I possibly could. The fact that you could do something like that is fucking ridiculous. I told you everything about me and him and asked you for advice, and I specifically asked you multiple times not to do anything with him because it really fucking sucks that he talks to you and he doesn’t talk to me. It really fucking sucks. Obviously you have no actual feelings or sympathy for anyone else so you don’t understand this, but for any normal human being it makes sense. Not only that, but you know as well as anyone else how sensitive I am and that this would hurt me and you still did it. And not only did you do it and tell other people you did, you made up another lie to cover it up and I believed you. I’m not a fucking idiot, I just don’t know how to stand up for myself. You are the least trust-worthy, most back-stabbing, pathologically lying bitch I have ever met, and for your sake I hope you either get some serious therapy for your lying problem, learn how your actions actually do effect other people, and grow the fuck up. Guess what? If you keep on being a horrible bitch you will have no friends except the, for lack of a better word, objects of affection of others, who honestly do not actually give one shit about you. Maybe you have gotten away with everything you have done for the most part this time, but in the future I guarantee you that no one will be nearly as forgiving as everyone has been this time. You urgently need to get back to reality and realize that some things are just not fucking acceptable. You are my friend, but I legitimately do not like you right now and need to seriously distance myself. No one can be around someone like you, it will ruin their lives and emotionally destroy them. As dramatic as this may sound, it is one-hundred percent truthful.

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