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    Dear Dad,

    How could you cheat on mom, and not expect me to act any differently? How could you expect me not to find out? Did you really think that nothing between us would change? Do you have any idea how much you messed me up in cheating on mom? Do you have any idea how many times I saw her cry? I felt like I was going to explode. I was upset all the time. I would be watching a movie, and if there was a marriage scene, I could cry when the father daughter dance would come on because I know we can never have that. You ruined it. You’ve been married for 21 years. WHY COULDN’T YOU TALK TO MOM AND WORK IT OUT? She wanted to go to counseling, but you didn’t. I really thought you and mom would be the one couple in our family who would have a good relationship… Why did you have to sleep with that whore that you work with? She knew you were married. She knew you had a daughter. How can you STILL work with her? You have your own business, find someone else. I hated you for so long. And when I finally started to forgive you, just a little, I saw texts from her on your phone…From the day before…How can you just sit there and act like things were getting better with mom, how can you lie so easily? And when I finally gathered the nerve to talk to you, you turn it around on me about how you cant trust me?! I already had a hard time trusting guys, and now that the one guy who was supposed to be my rock is ruined, who am I supposed to trust? And now I have to act like everything is fine and that I’m not mad at you, because if I do act how I feel, I get yelled at for acting like a b*tch.

    –Your daughter

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    1. myheart
      November 3, 2011 at 10:31 pm

      I don’t think it is your position to get in their problems. Not fair. A lot of things happen in a marriage that you have no idea about. Love your parents for your relationship with them not the relationship they have with each other. That is none of your business. Let them fix it themselves. Good luck.



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