• fuck your morals

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    Hey Ladle,

    we are doing well. —- got here fine and we’ve been having lots of fun. I loved the cookies! They brought me so much nostalgia and yummies. We went to the Alhambra today. We’re at —-‘s now. She took us out to lunchies and they like each other a lot. Oh, and did I mention he fucked me till I bled? It was spectacular. He gave me the greatest dicking of my life. I haven’t had so much cum inside of me in one week since… never. But I hope this is the start of a new standard for my asshole. I have never been more satisfied.

    Spending so much time in utter ecstasy has cemented my decision to get the fuck out of your domicile as soon as I can drag my swollen clitoris out of it. Although I’ve been planning on it for months, this orgasm-wrought week has sealed the deal.

    Little occurred over the past week that you would choose to process or even acknowledge as nearly all of it took place in the nude or under the influence of something you disapprove of.

    Taking a conservative estimate, I spent close to one sixth of my time being penetrated or recovering from the severity of it. This is: removing the shit-ridden brine of —-’s semen from my anal passage. We covered your green and white striped washcloth in our leavings and reveled in our absence from your presence, mocking you at every turn. The only conventional element more glaringly absent was that of contraceptives. We took no precautions other than ensuring that I ingested the gametes of my mate either orally (relishing every spurt) or anally, relishing the depth and force of his plungings.

    My only regret is that our time together must end so soon. But we have managed to prolong it even further by taking a bus together to Madrid in the middle of the night during which we will tease each other over the five hours, to the point of sexual desperation, beginning with light touches to the hands and cheek and ending in an impossible passive and discreet orgasm from us both, clothes almost entirely undisturbed. My love for —-’s member had increased one thousand-fold over the past five days but am secure in the fact that this love will increase ever more with time; all of the time of my life that I intend to pass with him, half an orange, mi media naranja.

    I hope he nose-fucks me next

    Love, your ever-obedient daughter,

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