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    The other night you asked me to help you at work, I did. While I was helping you, you said something jokingly — you know you’re only helping me because you know you love me. I jokingly said back – yes, yes I do and everyone here knows it… well truth is – yes I do.. The thing is I’ve been thinking about the moment I was actually going to tell you the truth and not keep it in… I knew it was going to happen soon. I knew that I had to tell you before it ate me up. Later that night I had no idea how to say it, so I didn’t you kinda guessed on a text…. I wish it would of went down differently.. considering you have a girlfriend.. Anyway, you asked me how did I know I did love you… well.. I said to you lets forget about it.. But.. I have to get it out.. When you first started working I thought you were cute. Then after awhile I kinda started to really like you. You somewhat told me about your life a little bit, and we got each other. Understood. Accepted. My feelings for you have gotten so strong and it’s crazy. But I wish I would have waited to tell you because now when I work with you alone it’s going to be awkward… and if i know you well enough I know you’re going to bring it up, and i’m seriously going to get sick…… I wish I knew what you were thinking…..


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