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    Sometimes I get so annoyed with these people in my life that are my “friends” I just. want. to. scream.! Seriously, I want to scream and yell and cry. I want to scream at them at the top of my lungs! Sometimes I really wish I had it in me….holding it in for so long is KILLING me. When I see the stuff they say and do, if I’m home alone I have to get up from wherever I am and walk around for a second, so I don’t actually yell.

    I need to get my point across to them somehow, but I’m the kind of person that holds on to people till it’s unhealthy. I do that because it’s so hard for me to create bonds with people, that I’d rather keep the not so good friends I have than try to make new friends. Ugh seriously I don’t know what to do. What sort of sick pleasure do they get from my pain?

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    1. S.
      November 3, 2011 at 1:29 pm

      Honesty and expressing how you think and feel is key. Nobody is a mind-reader and communicating essential to mutual understanding. Even if opinions differ, one can at least learn to accept, knowing each care enough to share.



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