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    The clouds look so close now, I think I’ll be able to climb them. Up with the fog, up with the air, and suddenly I’m there.
    In the night, the stars so bright. I reach for them, holding my hopes high.
    I grab one, the shinest and most beautiful. It becomes a diamond in my hands.
    Holding it close to my heart, I begin my journey down.
    Down with the fog, down with the wind, and now I’m back here.
    Hey boy! I’ve got something for you!
    And what’s that?
    It’s merely a star, many there are. But noone is like this one.
    It’s all too clear, the answer is near. This star is just like you.
    Your eyes shine bright, your smile is wide, when everything around you is dark.
    Only a mist could hide you from me. Dear, I look for you every night.
    Like this diamond, your edges might be ruff, but deep inside, you’re only coal.
    A coal that although dirty, keeps my fire alive.
    I believe in you, for you’re always there. Look down and I’ll be there too. All alone in the dark, waiting to be near you again.
    So don’t be shy, come to me. And take this star that is you.
    I’d keep it with the promise of life, but only you can decide where it goes.
    I love you my darling, as much as I possibly could.

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