• Relationship Advice: Don’t date co-workers

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    You probably won’t have any idea this is for you:

    (only because you held it against me that i never considered us to be dating)

    You’ve taken it way too far. So this is why people say, never become involved with a co-worker.

    Why fight the unemployment? Don’t you have a guilty conscience? Can’t you own up to your own imperfections? After all I always told you it is what makes us unique.

    You stepped over the line way too many times. Was it because of your own insecurities? How much of your life you told me was an actual occurring event?

    You dragged me into your tornado of hell.

    Which I’ve decided, heaven and hell was only a constructed idea to be able to define just the type of people there are in this world.

    There is those of us who believe that the pure good and bliss of this world will bring us freedom and prosperity.

    Then there are those people in the world who believe that the doings of evil and lies, and running from our own mistakes that create problems for others, as well as themselves. They will never be free and will be left to rot only because they can never own up to their own restrictions they force upon themselves.

    I remember you the first day you overshadowed me as though i was your prey. I was hooked by your wisdom. only to later find out you were just trying to find someone who would be fooled into believing you had life all figured out.

    First job, first time I had somewhere to prove my talents. First time I realized just the beginning of all the wonderful attributions I could provide the world. I had a purpose. But you ripped that away from me. You believing I was the one who ripped that away from you.

    Well guess what: sleeping with customers wasn’t exactly what they were looking for. Stop blaming me for your loss. You went about it all wrong.

    You aren’t worth my time.

    You are a curse.

    I care about that store more than any person who has ever walked through there. I care about the people who have been a part of the loyal team. I do not believe any one of those people deserve the curse you’ve planted.

    Sure, working as a convenient store cashier isn’t exactly the best position or the best purpose in the world, but it isn’t about how far these people have come in their career. What matters is the freedom these people have reached. They have reached a peace with themselves, they have reached a place of honesty and care.

    You are unsettled, unhappy, and careless. Selfish.

    You took advantage of people’s trust to satisfy your coveting needs. You got away with far too much for far too long.

    I wasn’t the reason you were fired. You just became careless once you persuaded me to join your team.

    Maybe this doesn’t make too much sense. but in my eyes, I have learned a lot. You taught me exactly how not to be in life. you taught me to be at peace with myself. only do something that is for the best intentions of myself and the world.

    continue to have compassion for others. I must understand how my actions effect those around me. how i let others actions effect me.

    one last time: you are one crazy psycho bitch.

    fuck you.

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