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    I titled it that so maybe in 5 years if you remember this site you will look it up and think… Oh.. she did write me. I’ve written you other letters too.. One is called Things that make you go hmm.. Like your grandpa used to say.

    Anyway this is pretty much a goodbye letter. You said it’s not working. I was too scared to say it myself. I just didn’t want it to be true. I love you so much. I have for a long time. This on again off again stuff tears me up so this is the last time i’m going through it. I want more than anything to be with you. I think I will probably wait on you long after you’re gone. That’s the kind of person I am. I wish things could have gone the way we had planned them… but they say not to count your eggs before they hatch… we messed up there. I wanted to marry you. I wanted to get old and grey with you. I wanted to sit in your shed and work on a junker bike for an entire summer. I wanted to kiss you under the stars. There is so much I wanted. There is so much I planned on having. But the thing that hurts more than not getting what I’ve wished for is losing you again. I want to hold you. I wanna lay my head on your shoulder and look into your eyes. Please, one day, forgive me for what i’ve done. Please one day look back on us with love and happiness. And please tyler more than anything, Dont forget about me. I told you to… but I was just saying what you needed to hear.

    You are my favorite. Now and forever.
    No worries.
    I love you beba.
    -Ms. Ohio(SEC)

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