• Goodbye

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    I’m disgusted by how things turned out.
    -About how you forgot about 3 years within one week of leaving for school.
    -About how I took you back into my life after you had already moved on.
    -About how you slept with someone else because of what you chose to believe. We were each other’s first and only, that really meant something to me.
    -I’m disgusted that I was made into a villain for being insensitive.
    -But I’m disgusted most by having lied to you to get even. I never did any of that, it was a lie to prevent you from talking to me again. We can’t have anything between us ever again, but I don’t trust myself to avoid you forever.

    You changed so much when you went away, it’s better for both of us to move on with our lives. You’ve been with other people and now, finally, so have I.

    PS Miwo says hello

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