• Friends=Never talk again

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    Sit down, shut up, and listen! Because this is the last time you will ever hear from me. We tried, we tried so hard. “Let’s stay friends”, I don’t know why I let you talk me into that. I’ve always had a strict rule of never talking to my exes again. The reason for this, someone always gets hurt. A break up is never mutual. NEVER! You told everyone that we agreed to break up. LIAR! I fought, I fought so hard for you. But, you left. You dumped me. For the first time in your dating life you were the dumper. I hope that made you happy. To be able to feel no hurt. You weren’t the one wondering what you did wrong, how you could have saved the relationship, why the other person didn’t want you anymore. It has been 8 months, these questions still race through my mind. I hate you for it. But, I forgive you.

    I see who you really are. You jump, from relationship to relationship because you are afraid of being alone. You do this for safety. A place to live. You use them. You used me! But, you would never actually move in with me. I asked you after a year together if you wanted to move in, by that I meant sign the lease with me. But, no, that was too much for you. I heard the other day that after 7 months with you’re new girlfriend, you signed a lease. You moved in with her. That hurts, you bastard! I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough for you. But, I refuse to think on it anymore.

    I hope you end up happy. Maybe you will grow up and learn that your actions actually hurt people. Becoming someone’s boyfriend a week after you dumped your girlfriend hurts. It makes it seem like she was in reserve, just waiting for you to get rid of me. I know her. I remember you telling me that she had said she would never date you, ever. What a bunch of bullshit! It is ok to take someone’s “love of their life” away from them? That is fine, real men couldn’t be taken away anyways, because they are too busy being in love with the person they have. You are not a man. You are a little boy. A 33 year old boy. I hope you grow up one day. I hope she realizes how horrible she is. Going on weekend trips to see her friends, friends she knew would bail, but she went anyway. You drove her up there, then she stayed with you and your mother. Your mother adored me! I hope she feels some anger toward you for the way you treated me. Hopefully shame, shame in the fact her son could ever make a woman feel this way.

    I won’t try to be your friend anymore. I’m done. This is done. I will never see you again. Good luck in life. Hopefully you realize it isn’t all just a game.

    “I don’t want to risk our paths crossing someday. So you walk that way, I’ll walk this way.”

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