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    by  • November 2, 2011 • Anger • 0 Comments

    You know how in like, kindergarden, everyone’s like, “oh, you’re all unique and special, just the way you are…”

    lies lies liesss MOTHERFUCKING LIES. 90% of humanity is ALL THE FUCKING SAME…. and then they spend all of their time trying to hurt the 10% who aren’t.

    Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to feel any lower, or be any more disgusted with the people in my life…. wow… every day you guys find new ways to surprise me. congratulations, that takes skill.

    I’m seriously about ready to leave tomorrow, instead of at the end of the semester like I planned, and not say goodbye to any of you, just to see if you even notice I’m gone.
    I wonder how fast you’ll find someone new to fuck over. I wonder how fast you’ll make them hate themselves too…

    I hope you know that thanks to you, all I see when I look in the mirror is somebody ugly and horrible that I don’t think anyone could ever love. Is that what you see when you look at me? You who call yourself my FRIENDS…. seriously don’t make me fucking laugh. I used to think that you were all the most beautiful, amazing, caring souls that I’d ever met, boy was I wrong. Now I know you’re just part of the aforementioned 90% of people in the world who completely fucking suck.

    You crushed me. All of you, congratulations on a wonderful team effort there. I hope one day, after I’m long gone, you realize that you’re the reason I left. I hope one day you have enough decency to actually be ashamed about the kind of people you are… just as I am truly ashamed that I trusted you even for one goddamn second.

    Well I’m done playing your games. See you in hell you fucking pathetic excuses for human beings.

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