• After 3 Months

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    It’s been three months since I last saw you and a lot has happened since then. Not a second did I think that 3 Aug 2011 would be the very last time I ever see you, unless by some twist of fate I run into you one of these days. I still remember one of the last things you told me: “Let me know whenever you’re in Arizona.” I guess you decided you didn’t want to hear from me after all.

    You were everything I wanted in a man – an ideal that became reality I’d say. That notion remained true until you made up your mind that you didn’t want anything to do with me anymore by cutting all connections without so much as a forewarning. Until now I still ask myself the one question that has been nagging me since you did what you did: WHY? I think I deserve an explanation and I believe you owe me that much. But then again, I guess you didn’t think I was worth that considering the way you treated me. When I look back at all those times I spent with you, I just can’t help but wonder if I really did mean anything to you. No, I don’t even mean in a romantic way but as a friend or even as a person.

    Let me refresh your memory in case you’re having recent memory loss here. I was chatting with you when you suddenly went offline. I thought that was just that, that you went offline. Come to find out, you deleted me on your list. You didn’t even have the balls to tell me why. Funny how someone who you highly regard can have no regard for you at all. I felt so belittled; I haven’t felt disrespected as a person as much as that time. My explicit vocabulary has never been as extensive as those moments when I just can’t help but reminisce everything I did for you and what you did in return. And yeah, 3 months on and I still feel the sting. However, do know this, I am on my way to fully moving on and my life is back on track after being derailed for sometime.

    If I were to choose if I’d like to see you again one day, I’ll say yes. I want to show you how much of a loss I was to you. Again, not romantically.
    We could have had a beautiful friendship, you know, but you threw any chances of that out the window. When we meet again, you will realize how leaving me out of your life is your most stupid decision yet. I can hardly wait for that day!

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