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    by  • November 1, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    “She needs a good smack in the face” I overheard you saying to my boyfriend about me, I don’t know what he said to that but it doesn’t matter. Yes, your ex bestfriend and I did make up a nickname for you that wasn’t exactly nice but, just because we did that doesn’t mean that you have to slander it all over Facebook like it’s a big deal. If we were verbally harassing you then, I could understand you being upset by it but honestly, taking this much effort to make a big deal out of a fucking nickname is just bullshit. You’ve always been a problem in my relationship, you talked my boyfriend into wanting to break up with me, who’s to say you won’t do it again? I mean, he already won’t speak to me, now is your perfect time to move in and fuck everything up! C’mon, make your move I’m just dying to hear what you’ve got to say. Oh wait, I can’t hear it because you’re stuck behind a computer or your cell phone, honestly bitch, grow a pair and fucking say something to me. You don’t like what I’m saying then YOU do something about it, don’t rant to your friends about or my boyfriend and get them to do something, YOU take matter into your own hands and stop being such a little pussy bitch. I would say all of this to you if I could but, if I did my relationship would be on the line ever more than it is now an I’d rather not lose one of the only good things going for me.

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