• Today is the day.

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    Today is the day. I’m finally ready to tell you that I like you. I’ve been waiting months, and I finally think I can. I mean you’ve stayed by me when I come to school sobbing. You’ve stayed by me when I sit next to you and start talking about the abuse I’ve endured. You let me hold you, hold your hand. You even hold me. I know you don’t let people get close to you. Your ex-girlfriend told me that. So I think there’s a chance you do like me.

    I try not to let myself get attatched to people. Especially not men. I’ve never had a guy not hurt me. Whether it was phsyical or emotional, they practically all have. I know that sounds so sob-story but it’s true. And I am so ready to let myself give up, and actually caring for someone. I was getting ready to fall that far forward into absolute uncaring. Then you showed up.

    I promise, if you say no and reject me I won’t ever hold it against you. I won’t be mad. I could never be mad at you. If you asked me, I’d pull away even. No longer touch you, let your hands linger on mine. I promise I won’t be upset.

    After all…the whore doesn’t get the prince.
    I care for you. But I know my place. You’re just being nice. No reason for me to misread it.
    So I guess today isn’t the day,
    It never will be.

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