• Stress fractures

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    This is to everyone I’ve snapped at, everyone I’ve brushed off, everyone I haven’t texted back, and all the people who’ve barely seen me lately.

    I’m so sorry I’ve been such a reclusive bitch. I don’t know how to make you believe this apology is sincere, because I don’t think I can change my behavior patterns.

    I know there is no excuse for it, but still understand: I’m working part-time and taking fifteen credits of college. Additionally, I’m straining to keep my hobbies from previous years. I’m stressed all the time, and if I want to stay on top of everything, I need to study or read or do homework EVERY FREE SECOND. But i can’t, because I’m only human, and only a high-schooler, and so I’m slipping, further and further behind with every day, when I’ve never been even a millimeter behind anything in my whole life.

    I just wanted to say to all of you, before it’s too late: I’m so sorry. I hope things will get better. I hope I can figure out how to manage my time. I hope I can buck up and become the wonder woman I always thought I was. I hope that you, my friends and family, can find a way to love me even though I’m having a hard time loving anything right now.

    Forgive me.

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