• so close, and yet so far.

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    Dear F,

    Why is it that in this world we live in, this messed up, judgmental, high school world, two people who are virtually perfect for each other can never be together?

    We’re two grades apart, but we might as well be a million miles away. I’ve only spoken to you a couple times, but ever since we were introduced to each other you always smile or say hello to me when we pass each other. Its been like a month since this started, and all I want is to have a real conversation with you. We’ve literally had one conversation, and I practically had a heart palpitation after it. My heart beats so fast whenever you’re near me…

    My friends say it’s creepy how obsessed I am with you, and I know they’re right. I feel like a girl in a chick flick, but they’res no happy ending, no magical kiss. But how can I help myself? When I close my eyes and picture the person I see myself with, its you.

    It doesn’t matter we barely know each other. It doesn’t matter people might judge us, and we live on polar opposites of the high school spectrum. You and me, we’re effing perfect for each other, I just know.

    So darling please, won’t you just talk to me? I’ll be waiting.
    We can have so many “adventures” together…


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