• I Thought.

    by  • November 1, 2011 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I thought i prepared us for this. I thought we talked about this. We said we’d take it slow. We said that we wouldn’t hate each other. We laughed it off though. We thought this would never happen. I actually never thought there could be a me without you. But here i am, without you. I left my heart with you when i left for college. I never want to be in love again, i never want to be in love with anyone else, i never thought i would have to be. I thought that was realistic, somehow us forever. i thought you would understand that i thought you would fight for us. I’m done thinking. Everything i thought i knew is apparently bullshit. Knowing that some girl will be feeling you, kissing you, laughing with you kills me, i thought it wouldn’t matter. I thought as long as i knew that in your heart you love me and not her, i’d be ok. But i’m not. That’s not good enough-I’m not okay with that. I never thought two years would change my whole life. I thought that being miles away would make things easier.Heartbreak hurts no matter where you go apparently. I thought we were forever.

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