• I can’t hate you.

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    You had me at hello. As soon as you walked into my life a year ago i fell head over heals in love. I was hooked at the way you looked at me, hugged me, they way we laughed and our endless list of jokes and nicknames. I felt so lucky to meet the man of my dreams and be in love. Yes, you had your flaws but they only made you a stronger person to me; i saw the best in you. The common comment “whens the wedding” always made me smile. That year we spent together was the best year of my life, I have never been happier and felt more alive.

    Then 3 months ago you walked out of my life as quickly as you walked into it. How could you lie to me like that? How could you let me fall in love if you never loved me at all? You used me and I want to hate you for it. I was your rebound, you left me for her, your ex, the one who ripped your heart in two multiple times before. But I cant hate you for it. I am always wishing that im going to turn a corner and you will be standing there waiting for me to jump into your arms. I want to jump.

    I’m sorry we cant be friends while you love her. Its breaking my heart in half. I hope that one day I can find a man who truly loves me.

    Remember that I will always love you and think the world of you, even if I was only a space filler for you. Always be happy.

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